søndag 28. februar 2010

Trying to look fab and failed...haha

Sweater thrifted, leggings and shoes Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, belt Bianco, bling vintage,thrifted, CK.

Haha...these pictures turned out like everything but fabulous! Had fun taking them with my (new) mac though!! yay!
I was soooo happy when the H&M package arrived in the mail the other day! These leggings are so comfy I wanna wear them everywhere (to work, to a party, to a movie, to bed).  My Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes finally arrived too (it took what 2 months?) Wore them to work yesterday, and they were great!! Okay, I know it seems like I´m obsessed with designers for H&M but really its just coincidental it all arrived at the same day.

 Pictures from Elle July 2005.

I have saved this magazine for 5 years cause I love this feature too much to throw it out. It makes me wanna dress up every day in colorful outfits and lots and lots of bling bling!!
The feature is called Luxe for less and I quote: " There´s more to looking fabulous than just spending a fortune on designer clothes. Smart, easy pieces from club Monaco, H&M and J.Crew, mixed with dashing accessories, do the magic and make you look like a million dollar baby".
I think this will be my new motto in life. Or at least one of them!

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