onsdag 24. februar 2010

Buenvenidos a Miami!!!

1. Dress from Forever21, belt from H&M, sunglasses from some random shop on my hometown, shoes from O´neill, and bag from Benetton.
2. Basically what I bought throughout our trip (plus a little more) I went crazy at Victoria´s Secret and Forever21.
3. Shorts from Mango, T from VS, sunglasses from F21, bag from Benetton.
4. Dress from Benetton, Hair band F21, sunglasses RayBan, necklace vintage.

A small selection of pictures from my trip to Miami/Key West with my best friend last May. We were in Miami for 5 days, then drove to Key West for 3 days and back to Miami again. I miss it so much! The heat especially. In the first picture we were shopping at Lincoln road mall (great shopping!!),  the second is a pic of the things I bought when we went to Dolphin mall, third is of me outside of the Miami Ink shop, and the last is of me in our rental driving down to beautiful Key west. Not to sound like a tour guide, but KW is the most wonderful place on earth, everything is laid back, no one is in a hurry and the atmosphere is just as perfect as I hoped for before coming there. Highly recommended!!

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