onsdag 30. juni 2010

Madam Blå

Versace gold necklace I got for ca $200 and it is so pretty!!
The prettiest pendant in gold with quartz (rock crystal) and it cost me ca. $250. Bargain!
The nice lady who owns the shop called Madam Blå gave me this thingy. It used to be a bracelet, but I think I will make it into a necklace. It is sooooo cool!!! She is so nice and her shop is so pretty!
I guess i know why she is so nice and gave me the thingy. I have bought a lot from her over the years:
This is what I bought during the last few years. I guess I´m one of her favorite costumers:D

If you ever make it to Drammen in Norway you have to pay her a visit. Her store is located here. She is the nicest lady with the nicest antique/vintage store in my hometown. And the plus side is she has antique and vintage jewelry no one else has! I found things there that date back to the 1700s!

tirsdag 29. juni 2010


Rika stars tunic/shirt, Cheap Monday high waisted jeans, Gina Tricot belt.

Did some thrifting this weekend and this is what I ended up getting:
This is probably the ugliest blue leather skirt I have ever seen, but the second I put it on it was so friggin cool I had to get it! I think I will have it cut shorter to be more up to date though.
A nice white shirt with special details I have never seen anywhere before. (check out the neck and sleeves) Have to get it tailored too.
And while I was going through the clothes at Goodwill I stumbled upon this pink-ish blazer and when I looked at the tag it read Yves Saint Laurent!!! My heart skipped a beat I think. Again I need to get it tailored. I got it for like $8!!!!
And last I found a pair of blue Gant jeans (that actually fit me haha). Not that Gant is such a big of a deal but they looked good on so I figured I would get them anyways:D

mandag 28. juni 2010


Thrifted Kizz tee, Topshop jeans (old), scarf was a gift from my little sister.

Woke up today with pain in one of my wisdom teeth...so I called my dentist and he just went and removed the whole thing....Expensive as hell but worth it although I could´nt feel the whole side of my face for a while after!! haha...fun...Now I´m looking forward to go though the newest issue of Costume!!! Yay!!

søndag 27. juni 2010


Pants from Topshop, bib necklace from F21, tee from Benetton. Just bought the bestest lipgloss ever! From Dior. The application thingy rolls on your lips when you´re applying it. It truly is the perfect lipgloss. I bought it in the color 002.
The rose pictured above was sitting on our table when my family and I celebrated my lil sister´s b-day at a nice restaurant...the pink color was so pretty I took a picture:D

fredag 25. juni 2010


Robert Pattinson, Billy Crudup, Channing Tatum, Cam Gigandet, Johnny Depp.
Top 5. Enough said.

torsdag 24. juni 2010

New in

I received the black Converse shoes I ordered a few weeks ago and I love them!! I love all converse so satisfying me with them is´nt that difficult. Looking forward to break ´em in:D

tirsdag 22. juni 2010

new hair, new tattoo = new girl

Just got home from the hairdresser and I LOVE the outcome!!! Downside you say? I had to pay fucking  $ 300 for it (plus I got a 20% discount!)!!!! Even my tattoo was cheaper and that sucker is permanent! Insane, but totally worth it:D AND....hahah...you´re gonna love this....a mentally ill person almost attacked me at work today...I was being NORMAL when I tried to help for crying out loud!!! Yeah...if he ever sees me again I think he will actually attack me...I think I need a bodyguard. Anyone interested? hahha...What a day....

mandag 21. juni 2010


Ke$ha. This definitely is crazy, but somehow I still like it.
Katy Perry in a really fun and cool fringe dress. I like how the color changes.
What happened to Lady Gaga? She actually looks beautiful and sophisticated. A very nice change!
Kate Hudson looks casual-cool as always. I really like her laid back style.
Dakota Fanning is such a cutiepie! And she is such a talented actress too! LOVE her Wang<3
LOVE Jessica Biel´s shoes!!! They would go with everything in my wardrobe.
More of Kate Hudson. Need I say more? I think I have those pants she is wearing to the left. Fun!
I love you Sarah Jessica Parker! Just because you are you. Simple as that.
Carey Mulligan stands out with her cute short hair and sense of style. I like her a lot!
Pretty Sienna Miller. Her style is impeccable I think. And she is so beautiful.
Jessica Alba´s style is so cool! If I ever become a mom I´ll dress just as cool as her.
Kristin Cavallari is the toughest girl ever who knows who she is and is not afraid to show it!
...Yes I adore Kate Hudson...
Whitney Port have such a fabulous style and she can dress up in whatever she feels like and still look great!
LOVE the hair. I wore my hair like this once and got so many compliments!
Cool girls with a little crazy hair styles but it suits them so well!
Victoria Beckham (always in style) and Olivia Wilde. Olivia is soooooo beautiful!

These girls are so inspirational both style wise and personality wise. You go girls!! (pictures from people.com)