torsdag 28. april 2011

Me & You

I´m moving to Amsterdam July 1st ish. So fucking excited I have no words! 

tirsdag 26. april 2011


Coolest picture ever. Love the orange sunglasses, love the stud jacket, and last but not least the perfect black moon and star necklace I´m totally DIY-ing!

torsdag 21. april 2011


A few things I thrifted the other week. Diesel pink jacket, Mardou&Dean jeans and an über comfy sweatshirt.

søndag 17. april 2011


New in: Leopard hat (it is actually a rain hat, but you can´t really see it..haha)

lørdag 16. april 2011

Last weekend

Last weekend I looked like this. This weekend I´m sick. BAAAHHH!!  eBay scarf, Saints&Mortals leather jacket, AA sweater, DIY necklace, Cubus jeans, Mulberry bag, Ray Ban wayfarer.

torsdag 14. april 2011

søndag 10. april 2011

Yummers things

YSL clutch

Carmen Raffia Wedge

Carven cropped wool-crepe blazer

Alexander McQueen gown

Cara accessories mixed motif bangle set

Husam el Odeh earrings

torsdag 7. april 2011

Friendship bracelets

Hello pretty bracelets! What is it with me and bracelets lately? Anyways, this eBay store sells these and other pretty cool bracelets, and the best part? They´re only $8.25 and you get 12 handmade bracelets! Pretty cool.

onsdag 6. april 2011

Proenza Schouler DIY

Proenza Schouler bracelet $150

DIY bracelet $20. It is very easy, you just buy some rope (whichever colors you want), a climbing hook and let your imagination run free! Makes a very fun accessory.

lørdag 2. april 2011

Amsterdam week

 Waterlooplein market
 Funny big ass clogs
 Nice vintage coats
 A blue hairy something
 Craziest shoes ever
 David Bowie
 Scary looking dolls and teddy bears hanging in a tree
 Hippie look
 eBay coat, eBay scarf, thrifted shirt, Hollister jeggings, Aretti shoes, Mulberry bag, Guess watch, Ray Bans

 Many many bikes
 Goofing around
 Pretty flowers

 Eating a huge ass burger at McDonalds..haha
 Coat, scarf eBay, Levi´s shorts, Mulberry bag
 A very narrow alley

 Zara shoes and blouse, market dress and necklace.

 Converse, H&M necklace, tunic and tees my boyfriend got me, AA dress and AA hoodie, market light bulb necklace (!!!)
 Zara jeans, Zara blazer my boyfriend got me, H&M cardigan and dress my boyfriend got me <3

 In the train to Rotterdam wearing: Zara blazer, AA clutch, eBay scarf, Cubus jeans.

Enjoying the sun in Vondelpark. I had such a lovely week in Amsterdam with my boyfriend <3 I´m coming back for Queensday! YAY!