torsdag 29. juli 2010

Mad TV-Can I Have Your Number

This has got to be the funniest thing I have ever seen on MadTv!!! I laugh so hard every time I see it...haha

tirsdag 27. juli 2010

Oh yea

Wearing: Plaid shirt thrifted, Cheap Monday jeans thrifted, Mulberry purse eBay, boots from DinSko.

My sister just got back from Miami and Key West and bought me some lingerie from Victora´s Secret and an American Apparel disco pant! yay!
Plus I just got this book I ordered from eBay. It´s amazing. Love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!

fredag 23. juli 2010


Grey dress Gestuz, black bra  Lindex, leopard printed scarf H&M.

You can use the scarf as a hood too! Fabulous!  Love the fact that this dress is asymmetrical down by the hem. It makes more interesting than just another boring grey dress I think.

Now I´m chilling with a glass of wine and good music.

Julia Michaels- Born To Party (The Whole Song Finally On Youtube!)

This is probably the BEST song ever!!! Unfortunately I can´t find it anywhere except on Youtube....Guess that´ll do for now!

torsdag 22. juli 2010


Gant white shirt, Topshop (old) jeans, H&M leopard printed flats, vintage gold jewelry and Gucci bag.

Turns out the Gucci bag is authentic!!! I was soooo happy when I received the email about it being authentic:D Plus I got for $70 at eBay! It must be worth so much more! Fun!

onsdag 21. juli 2010


Thrifted Lacoste striped shirt, thrifted Cheap Monday high waisted jeans, Mulberry purse from eBay, leopard flats from H&M.

tirsdag 20. juli 2010


Army jacket from random military shop in Notting Hill (but I saw the exact same one at UO), Line of Oslo sweater and Abercrombie (old) ripped jeans. Pink Converse.

Love the army jacket. I can literally wear it with anything! So exciting to find clothes like that with a lot of versatility.

mandag 19. juli 2010

Hello Lovers!

Yves Saint Laurent ring.
Roberto Cavalli serpent ring.
Alexander McQueen skull ring.
Stephen Webster ring.
  • Cage Cuff Spine-Silver from

    I´m in love with rings and I would´nt mind these babies sitting on my fingers!!!

fredag 16. juli 2010

Can you keep a secret?

Thrifted grey sweater. Love the comfyness of this one!
Some new cowboy boots from DinSko and a Miss Marc pouch/clutch thing.
You can never go wrong with an oversized striped thrifted sweater.
A thrifted DKNY vest thing with long length in front.
Plaid shirt with SHOULDER PADS (!) I mean what´s not to love about this?
Thrifted white tunic (the fabric was amazingly soft!)
Thrifted blazer/shirt with an ethnic-ish type print...LOVE!
Thrifted plaid high waisted skirt. Not sure about the length but I had to have it.
Thrifted striped Lacoste shirt which I can´t wait to wear.
Thrifted jewelry "box" thing and a book about fashion.

My secret is I am a shopping addict. Well I guess it´s not a secret anymore. Lol

onsdag 14. juli 2010


Went to Sandvika shopping mall with my mom yesterday to try and get my hands on sales items:D
I saw this jacket from Acne at Mark+Brandy and almost is sooo perfect! But when I checked the prize I almost fainted again: it was $2000!!! Did you faint too? But it is oh so pretty<3
I got my hands on a pouch/clutch thing from the Miss Marc collection. They are so fun to look at!
And a slouchy sweater from line of Oslo. Sooooo comfy!!!!
Oh and I kept seeing this girl walking around in these perfect shoes I decided to go into a random store and guess what?? they had them!!! Cowboy leather boots from DinSko<3

mandag 12. juli 2010

This would be nice having...

Pictures from and

These items would be so nice right about now! I have always dreamt of a Rolex watch (preferably vintage) but they are waaaaaay out of my league when it comes to prize. A Chanel bag is also what I´m dreaming of but they too are not exactly fitting into my budget. And I have never ever been able to get the red ankle Chloe aw/07 (I think?) boots out of my mind. I saw a pair on eBay this winter but they were a bit too much unfortunately. But I still check eBay out for a pair. The eternal optimist!