søndag 28. februar 2010

Trying to look fab and failed...haha

Sweater thrifted, leggings and shoes Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, belt Bianco, bling vintage,thrifted, CK.

Haha...these pictures turned out like everything but fabulous! Had fun taking them with my (new) mac though!! yay!
I was soooo happy when the H&M package arrived in the mail the other day! These leggings are so comfy I wanna wear them everywhere (to work, to a party, to a movie, to bed).  My Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes finally arrived too (it took what 2 months?) Wore them to work yesterday, and they were great!! Okay, I know it seems like I´m obsessed with designers for H&M but really its just coincidental it all arrived at the same day.

 Pictures from Elle July 2005.

I have saved this magazine for 5 years cause I love this feature too much to throw it out. It makes me wanna dress up every day in colorful outfits and lots and lots of bling bling!!
The feature is called Luxe for less and I quote: " There´s more to looking fabulous than just spending a fortune on designer clothes. Smart, easy pieces from club Monaco, H&M and J.Crew, mixed with dashing accessories, do the magic and make you look like a million dollar baby".
I think this will be my new motto in life. Or at least one of them!

lørdag 27. februar 2010

More Topshop just because I love it

                                                    (pictures from Topshop.com)

My favorite looks from Topshop´s ss10 cpllection.
Really I can´t wait to go to London in 8 days! Shopping here I come for sure!!
Get the looks here

fredag 26. februar 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss's new Topshop collection. Her collection is called Kate Noveau, Popy and Lilabell.
I love the fact that fringe is back in the picture, and the gold number in the first picture I love love love!
The vellection will be in stores April 2nd, but unfortunately not a store near me. How fun is it that she started making lingerie? LOVE

onsdag 24. februar 2010

Buenvenidos a Miami!!!

1. Dress from Forever21, belt from H&M, sunglasses from some random shop on my hometown, shoes from O´neill, and bag from Benetton.
2. Basically what I bought throughout our trip (plus a little more) I went crazy at Victoria´s Secret and Forever21.
3. Shorts from Mango, T from VS, sunglasses from F21, bag from Benetton.
4. Dress from Benetton, Hair band F21, sunglasses RayBan, necklace vintage.

A small selection of pictures from my trip to Miami/Key West with my best friend last May. We were in Miami for 5 days, then drove to Key West for 3 days and back to Miami again. I miss it so much! The heat especially. In the first picture we were shopping at Lincoln road mall (great shopping!!),  the second is a pic of the things I bought when we went to Dolphin mall, third is of me outside of the Miami Ink shop, and the last is of me in our rental driving down to beautiful Key west. Not to sound like a tour guide, but KW is the most wonderful place on earth, everything is laid back, no one is in a hurry and the atmosphere is just as perfect as I hoped for before coming there. Highly recommended!!

tirsdag 23. februar 2010

Uptown girls

I just saw Uptown Girls (for the first time since it came out) yesterday and found out I totally love all the outfits Brittany Murphy (RIP) is wearing. Unfortunately I could'nt find photos of all the outfits but here is a small selection:D How gorgeous is that white dress? And the übercool denim dress? Not to mention the skin colored-sequin-flower patterned dress...beautiful!

søndag 21. februar 2010

Becksondergaard love summer 2010

Some of the cool stuff from becksondergaard's ss 2010 collection. I have totally fallen for this design duo from Denmark. Check out their entire collection here

Gifts and buys

1. Black sequined high waisted skirt Jenny Skavland for Bik Bok, black leggings Lindex, slip dress and slippers Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, head phones Skullcandy, nail polish Lancôme le vernis 14, c-thru mac lipgloss, gold and leopard bangles H&M, bracelet with dangly things Accessorize, earrings diy from my good friend Ine. Oh and the black studded bracelet from becksøndergaard was also a gift!

2. Black see thru shirt, navy blue wool sweater, brown fringe bag, black bag with gold details, black snakeskin clutch all thrifted/vintage.

The first picture shows the things my friends got me for my birthday. I got all the things I wanted and needed!
And the second is the things I got thrifting this weekend:D

My birthday party!

Dress Rodarte for Target, shoes Emma Cook for Topshop, diy gold bracelet, becksøndergaard leather bracelet, rings vintage, tights H&M, red lipgloss H&M.

My best friend and I turned up with the same diy bracelet so I had to take a picture of them. And she was also the photographer of these photos. In two of them she craked me up by saying something so hilarious I could'nt stop laughing as you can see. It was a really successful party and we had som much fun going out later.

fredag 19. februar 2010


1. Black and silver cardigan thrifted, black top JC, grey top Gina Tricot, jeans Ezra fitch from ebay.
2 and 3. Ralph Lauren boys shirt thrifted, balck skirt with small studs H&M, rings vintage.

This will be a great weekend! I am going to a b-day party today and throwing my own tomorrow and sunday! Tomorrow will be with my best friends and sunday will be with my family. I think this will be so much fun!
Pictures of what I will be wearing will be posted after the weekend! yay!