fredag 5. februar 2010

Randomness is the most random

1. Some random leopard scarf and the black top I think is from Bik Bok.
2. Dress and necklace Forever 21, vintage rings, bracelet was a gift.
3. Sunglasses, necklaces and tee Forever 21.
4. Tshirt from Carlings (the Deville line from Miami ink), washed out denim skirt and belt from Gina tricot.

Just some random pictures from some time ago. Just wanted to publish them.
Going to see Daybreakers today, can't wait! Gotta love the vampires! And the best part (I think) is that the vampires in Daybreakers have yellow eyes just like in the Twilight saga! That's a definite plus for me since I'm a HUGE fan of Twilight. Go team Edward!

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