mandag 15. februar 2010

Great expectations

1. Todays outfit, thrifted shirt and shorts, H&M tight, vintage jewelery.
2.Thrifted faux fur coat, belt from a skirt I no longer use, bag from Marc Jacobs, gloves from Lindex.
3.Boyfriends old shirt from Carlings, vintage jewelery.
4. Harness from Norwegian Wood, top from Bik Bok.
5. Beautiful rings from Lyie Van Rycke( simple and perfect looking rings!!) Get them here

Slow day at work today...hardly anything to do, but at least not so cold anymore so I could proudly wear my "new" faux fur coat! Joy! Stumbled over this fabulous page today, where I saw the most perfect rings I have ever seen. They were just so simple yet so elegant and cool! Simplicity is always the way to go with rings cause then you can wear alot of them at the same time! Gotta try to get my hand on one of the rings:D

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