søndag 30. mai 2010

Sunday May 30th

Bag from Bik Bok, was a gift from my BF <3
My sisters closet...she has so many cool things! Luckily we are the same size:D
A very cool maxi skirt she thrifted...it is actually from H&M! from the 80s-90s I think.
LOVE this dress from Zara!
My sister´s wallet I really really want!
Chanel nail polish my older sister bought for me when she was in New York last week:D Pretty!
My older sister bought a Michael Kors watch and weirdly enough I have been looking for one kinda like it myself! I want a gold one with navy background from the same designer. LOVE
It is my Dad´s birthday today so the family went out to a restaurant to eat and celebrate. After dinner we went home for dessert, brownies and ice cream! Yummers!
Wearing: Bik Bok pants, thrifted shirt, Bik Bok bag, vintage jewelry.
Happy birthday Dad! Hope you enjoy the binoculars I gave you:D (he wanted them fyi)

Favorites from the Eurovision song contest 2010

How cheesy is the guy with the saxophone? haha...but the song is soooo cool! Especially the saxophone...weird huh?

The Greek song...something about it is just catchy I guess...lol:D

The French contribution....I kinda got the feeling I was at a soccer match, but how great is this for summer?

The winning song! From Germany: Lena - Satellite

And our (Norway) contribution. Not the best song but I like it:D

Don´t mind the cheesyness of all this. Eurovision song contest is oh so big in Europe and to win this competition means a lot. At least it is entertaining:D

fredag 28. mai 2010

Shock and awe

The Olsens will never stop amaze me. Their style is so perfect I have no words. I´m not so much in shock as I am awed.

torsdag 27. mai 2010


I spent the day being sick today so I watched a lot of "old" movies....Flashdance, Sixteen Candles, True Romance, The Breakfast Club....haha...thats´a lot of movies in one day!!!! Anyways...Flashdance is such a great movie. It changed the way people dressed and danced I think.

Cravings fro shopbop.com

                                          Michael Kors gold watch.
                                          Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans.
                                          Eugenia Kim straw fedora.
                                          Derek Lam lace up sandals.
                                          Bing Bang victorian cross earrings.


onsdag 26. mai 2010

Wish I did´nt know now what I did´nt know then

Yes...the day started just as I thought...I am sick today.....:( My throat hurts so bad and my ears too! I went to work though, but had to leave after 4 hours cause it was too exhausting...I got exhausted after putting my clothes on this morning too! Being sick sucks dude!!! At least I took two pictures before I went and put on my PJ´s:D
Buffy the vampire slayer tee from Outland, leather jacket from Carlings, Dr Martens from eBay, MJ bag from Mark+Brandy, Levi´s shorts thrifted, Ray Bans from L.Eriksen, grey cardigan from Benetton.

tirsdag 25. mai 2010

We´re not cool, we are free and we´re running with blood on our knees

I finally bought Wayfarers!!!!! I am so happy right now! Is it bad that things give me so much joy and happiness? Probably....but I don´t care...I´ve wanted Wayfarers for so long:D
Okay Mr. Summer I am officially ready for your arrival!
A store (kinda special one too) had 30% off all things today so I bought the three first books in the True Blood series! Exciting:D (Well actually my BF bought it for me <3)
I also found this 90s tee of Buffy the vampire slayer!!!! How cool is this???? What a fun tee to be the proud owner of:D haha....

My throat hurts today....hopefully I´m not getting sick. I´ll stock up on vitamins and hope for the best! In the meantime I´ll enjoy my new Ray Bans <3 Love them already dude!