mandag 24. mai 2010

Road trip to Sweden!

Went to Sweden today with my sister, my BF and our friend Niklas. We basically shopped for groceries but I found a shirt, a jumpsuit and a top at Gina tricot. Yay!
My sister told us about a movie she saw yesterday (Human centipede) and what she told us about the movie was so disturbing I was soooo nauseated!!! I will NEVER watch that movie, that´s for sure!
Besides that the trip was great! I have a ton of candy and food plus some new clothes:D
I was wearing: Levi´s shorts, Topshop top, Voice of Europe crop top over it (inspired by fashiontoast), Gina tricot cut off leggings, UO sandals, MJ bag, Ray Bans, Guess watch and random jewelry.
My sister was wearing: H&M maxi dress, Havaianas, Gina tricot sunnies.

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