søndag 30. mai 2010

Sunday May 30th

Bag from Bik Bok, was a gift from my BF <3
My sisters closet...she has so many cool things! Luckily we are the same size:D
A very cool maxi skirt she thrifted...it is actually from H&M! from the 80s-90s I think.
LOVE this dress from Zara!
My sister´s wallet I really really want!
Chanel nail polish my older sister bought for me when she was in New York last week:D Pretty!
My older sister bought a Michael Kors watch and weirdly enough I have been looking for one kinda like it myself! I want a gold one with navy background from the same designer. LOVE
It is my Dad´s birthday today so the family went out to a restaurant to eat and celebrate. After dinner we went home for dessert, brownies and ice cream! Yummers!
Wearing: Bik Bok pants, thrifted shirt, Bik Bok bag, vintage jewelry.
Happy birthday Dad! Hope you enjoy the binoculars I gave you:D (he wanted them fyi)

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