tirsdag 30. november 2010

Lissie - When I'm Alone

My favorite song at the moment.

mandag 29. november 2010

X-Mas party

Topshop dress, AA tights, Bianco wedges, vintage gold jewelry. Went to a x-mas party with my work this weekend, very fun, but it resulted in me falling on my ass on the dance floor. Ended up with a black-purple bruise, a sore foot and a sore hand. But I´ll live...hahaha.

søndag 28. november 2010


Thrifted sweater, By Malene Birger vest, Hollister jeggings and pink converse shoes.

lørdag 27. november 2010

New stuff

I made two books recently...one, of pictures I was really drawn to fashion wise, and one, of the Olsen twins style. They came out very good and I´m very excited about them! Just bought this very cool blazer from H&M. It has leopard details, so what´s not to love about it? Plus a shiny collar! Fun

torsdag 25. november 2010

onsdag 24. november 2010

mandag 15. november 2010

There´s a party in my head and no one is invited

Photos from lookbook.nu and google.
I think I have to DYI a pair of those sunglasses on pic 1, and I fucking adore the look of the girl in pic 3 from the top. Colorful beanies, insanely perfect "bedazzled" sunglasses, faux fur, leopard,  leather/pleather pants and cozy warm sweaters is my new hype.

lørdag 13. november 2010

Cozy new ins from Topshop

Photos from Topshop.

I´m gonna get me some of that. Living in Norway and all, the winter tend to get cold as ice. Brrrr...