tirsdag 30. mars 2010

Chanel Rouge Allure 58 Audace

Just bought this lipstick today. And boy do I love it! It stays on for like forever and even though I ate lunch it stuck! This must be the best lipstick I have ever owned. It is a bit pricey but totally worth it.

Say what???

Just some random pictures of me and my friends.
1. Painting my friends nails on new years. Wearing F21 blue dress.
2. My little sister and I at some party two or three years ago. Wearing Topshop dress.
3. My three best friends and I goofing around with an internal joke at my 24th b-day party. Wearing Benetton dress.
4. At one of my friends houses. Wearing F21 dress.
5. Haha...do not remember what this was about...lol. Wearing F21 dress.
5. Me at a Halloween party as Wonder Woman. Costume from Ebay.
6. My little sister and I at the same Halloween party.

søndag 28. mars 2010

Look alike

Look alike
Look alike by LeneRJ featuring Ray

The coolest outfit in a while

Such a cool outfit. Victoria Beckham really is a genius. The loose fitting army pants with a blazer, casual tee and platforms = perfection. AND to top it all off, aviators! I´m in love with this outfit <3

On my wishlist

1. Balmain black patchwork mini leather skirt.
2. American Vintage khaki waisted tanktop.
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs black flash slingdoodle bag.
4. Disney Couture the wonderful thought ring.
5. Jeffrey Campbell the obscene boot.
6. Cheap Monday do t-shirt.
7. Jeffrey Campbell boot.

This would be nice having the money for right now. I´m not quite sure about the obscene boot but there was just something about them that I was drawn to in a weird way. I have always had a thing for Disney couture, cause the accessories are just too cute (plus I used to work for Disney) so I guess Disney items will always have a special place in my heart. AND I finally found another perfect everyday bag! The black slingdoodle bag from Marc Jacobs is perfect in so many ways. I already have a Marc Jacobs bag and LOVE it so this one will fit pefectly in my wardrobe. Hopefully I will get my hand on one.

lørdag 27. mars 2010


Really LOVE Wildfox. Their tees are just too cool for school! I am definitely investing in a few of them.

tirsdag 23. mars 2010


Sweater dress Bik Bok, Leather jacket Carlings, Sunglasses F21, Studded clutch Bik Bok, Tights H&M, Shoes Bianco.

Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do

Jeans Carlings, Sweater AA, Belt vintage, Shoes Dinsko, White plaid cape coat Ebay, and rusty red, orange-ish coat vintage.

Could not decide which jacket to wear! I think I spent like half an hour trying on every single jacket in my wardrobe. And when I finally decided, I found out I was way late for work!! Anyways I ended up with the white plaid cape coat. Can´t wait for spring to kick in for sure, ´cause of all the flea markets that will be around.

søndag 21. mars 2010

lørdag 20. mars 2010

This would be nice having right now!

Short Burberry trench, Burberry prorsum boots, Topshop dress, Sweater dress Chicy.se, Oscar de la Renta necklace, Burberry prorsum parachute pants, Rosa Cha onepiece, Jeffrey Campbell cowboy boots and platforms/wedges, Alexander Wang (both bags), Vivienne Westwood heart shaped purse, Karen Walker sunglasses, Alexander Wang Freja boots, Erin Wasson ring and bracelet.

torsdag 18. mars 2010

My pretty shoes

My pretty pretty shoes I finally can wear since there´s no more snow out! YAY!!  They are soooo übercool I can´t stop looking at them. Emma Cook for Topshop! Thnx for designing such cool shoes Emma Cook!

tirsdag 16. mars 2010

Live your life

1,2,3. T Victoria´s secret, lace skirt Topshop, rings vintage and Marc Jacobs, star scarf Becksøndergaard,  faux fur coat Ebay, boots Bianco.

4,5,6. Grey sweater AA, white racerback top Topshop, leggings SR pour H&M, nail polish from UO, and my new ring from Glitter. (Outfit is perfect for relaxing days!!)

When I came across that ring I instantly knew it was the one for me. Can´t wait to embrace summer with my new fresh turquoise ring!!! Love

søndag 14. mars 2010

My absolute favorites right now

Wow I have a lot of favorites...haha

1. Grey T AA, Black boots Dinsko, Corset UO, Green jacket vintage, Black belt with leopard details vintage, Red Geiger wool jacket vintage, Colorful ankle cowboy boots Ebay, Lace high waist skirt Topshop, Fingerless gloves AA, Wrap around belt JC for H&M.

2. Striped sweater Topshop, Grey backpack Topshop, Watch vintage, Fur lined denim jacket vintage BikBok, Black Levi´s leather shorts vintage,  Plaid shirt Topshop, Leopard flats H&M, White T AA, Black satin shorts AA, Studded ankle croc shoes JC for H&M, Nail polish UO.

3. Furry coat Ebay, Dangly earrings vintage, Moschino fanny pack vintage, Vogue UK, Denim Levi´s shorts vintage, True Blood season 1 HMV(best show ever!!!), Black bag vintage, Ray Ban aviators gift.

4. Stars and stripes earrings gift from my sister from Accessories.

5. The coolest ankle cowboy boots I will ever own!! From Ebay of course.

6. My "new" furry coat which I wear all the time from Ebay and my new camera my mom and dad bought for me as a surprise. It is awesome!!

A lot of these favorites are things I bought while in London, from Ebay and from the best vintage/used clothing store in town (Fretex- also known as Goodwill or the Salvation Army)
Had a great weekend watching True Blood religiously. I watched season one in three days, that´s gotta be a record for me. The thing is though that the show is soooo addictive I could´nt not watch it! Can´t wait until season 2 is out on dvd.

lørdag 13. mars 2010


Mary-Kate Olsen is (I think) the best dressed celeb in the world. She always nails it and these selected pictures are my personal favorites at the moment. Stylish but comfortable she always has a way of wearing something comfy and then glam it up with an item that sparkles in a way that it always lift her outfits. Genius!!