søndag 28. mars 2010

On my wishlist

1. Balmain black patchwork mini leather skirt.
2. American Vintage khaki waisted tanktop.
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs black flash slingdoodle bag.
4. Disney Couture the wonderful thought ring.
5. Jeffrey Campbell the obscene boot.
6. Cheap Monday do t-shirt.
7. Jeffrey Campbell boot.

This would be nice having the money for right now. I´m not quite sure about the obscene boot but there was just something about them that I was drawn to in a weird way. I have always had a thing for Disney couture, cause the accessories are just too cute (plus I used to work for Disney) so I guess Disney items will always have a special place in my heart. AND I finally found another perfect everyday bag! The black slingdoodle bag from Marc Jacobs is perfect in so many ways. I already have a Marc Jacobs bag and LOVE it so this one will fit pefectly in my wardrobe. Hopefully I will get my hand on one.

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