søndag 27. mars 2011


Platform pumps. First 3 from Asos and the last two are from Won Hundred. A very very interesting way to add some height. I want the yellow ones.

lørdag 26. mars 2011


I´m in Amsterdam for a week visiting my boyfriend. Yay!

torsdag 24. mars 2011

Shoe porn

Top left to right: Whyred, Bianco, F21, Monki, Bianco, Dr Martens,  Din Sko. Second row left to right: eBay, Bershka, Benetton, Asos, Jimmy Choo x h&m, Emma Cook x Topshop, eBay. Third row left to right: Monki, Aretti, converse x 5.

søndag 20. mars 2011

You spin me right round

Chanel red lipstick, Bik Bok sunglasses, Cecilie Melli earrings. And lets not forget the zig zag 90s hair.

fredag 18. mars 2011

søndag 13. mars 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti

Fuck I want these shoes! Unfortunately out of my price range and out of stock in my size most places.

søndag 6. mars 2011


1. Lanvin
2. Topshop
3. Acne
4. Acne
5. Hurlsey
6 & 7. Lanvin
Snakeskin pattern. Interesting...hmmm...

lørdag 5. mars 2011

Splash of color

Adding a splash of color lately. Green bag and blue nail polish. And some Acne pistol boots lookalike I recently bought. 

tirsdag 1. mars 2011


1. Kate Moss
2. Affordable luxury choker necklace by Lindex. In stores april 27th.
3. I´ve been obsessed with this F21 dress. No longer available though.
4. Awesome.
5. LOVE the hair.
6. H&M Fashion Against Aids bag. In stores april 27th.