fredag 6. august 2010

Umbrella hat

The funniest kind of umbrella ever! lol

torsdag 5. august 2010

MKA fashionistas to the core

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tirsdag 3. august 2010


Went on a weekend trip with 4 of my friends this weekend, and had sooooo much fun! I think I laughed 90% of the time there. We stayed at a cottage my friends parents is amazing how quiet it is up in the mountain. Like total silence! So pretty and so calming.
We had a blast playing Trivial Pursuit and other fun games and talking about girly stuff and gossiping and dancing and laughing our brains out :D Will go again as soon as possible!

mandag 2. august 2010


LOVE Lauren´s hair in this picture! So fabulous!
Not a big fan of Vanessa but her pants I LOVE! How perfect are they? Damn!
The look in the middle picture is PERFECT!! Adore her jeans.
The pants...the pants!!! I´m in love I think<3