søndag 14. mars 2010

My absolute favorites right now

Wow I have a lot of favorites...haha

1. Grey T AA, Black boots Dinsko, Corset UO, Green jacket vintage, Black belt with leopard details vintage, Red Geiger wool jacket vintage, Colorful ankle cowboy boots Ebay, Lace high waist skirt Topshop, Fingerless gloves AA, Wrap around belt JC for H&M.

2. Striped sweater Topshop, Grey backpack Topshop, Watch vintage, Fur lined denim jacket vintage BikBok, Black Levi´s leather shorts vintage,  Plaid shirt Topshop, Leopard flats H&M, White T AA, Black satin shorts AA, Studded ankle croc shoes JC for H&M, Nail polish UO.

3. Furry coat Ebay, Dangly earrings vintage, Moschino fanny pack vintage, Vogue UK, Denim Levi´s shorts vintage, True Blood season 1 HMV(best show ever!!!), Black bag vintage, Ray Ban aviators gift.

4. Stars and stripes earrings gift from my sister from Accessories.

5. The coolest ankle cowboy boots I will ever own!! From Ebay of course.

6. My "new" furry coat which I wear all the time from Ebay and my new camera my mom and dad bought for me as a surprise. It is awesome!!

A lot of these favorites are things I bought while in London, from Ebay and from the best vintage/used clothing store in town (Fretex- also known as Goodwill or the Salvation Army)
Had a great weekend watching True Blood religiously. I watched season one in three days, that´s gotta be a record for me. The thing is though that the show is soooo addictive I could´nt not watch it! Can´t wait until season 2 is out on dvd.

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