tirsdag 2. mars 2010

I put some new shoes on

Sweater from Bik Bok, black scarf from Urban Outfitters, leopard scarf from H&M, jeans from Benetton, belt from Jimmy Choo for H&M, bracelet from Becksøndergaard, shoes from Dinsko.

Bought these babies today, and I can´t wait to sport them when in London!!! The best part? They were on sale!!!! Lucky me...Not that Dinsko is that expensive to start with, but I´m happy no matter what.

The streets are almost free of snow thanks to this sunny day, yay! I can´t wait until spring time (and summer time for that matter) arrives up in the cold north:D
Really want a new connector ring...have to check out what´s in London. I only have one but its kinda cheesy (cheesy but fab I might add!) and I want something more sophisticated looking than one that says Love across it. Oh well...let the search begin!

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