søndag 23. mai 2010

ThEme pARty

A terrorist, a tyrol-dressed girl, an Iphone and a tennis player.
Tinkerbell, Thumbelina or the tooth fairy...she could´nt decide:D
Me and Siri as tennis players.
Tutti fruity, terrorist and a tea bag!
Tom Selleck and a thief.
The terrorist feeling up a Tokyo tourist...haha:D
Another thief.
Triana Iglesias!
Yes I know it is broken and that it is a squash racquet, but it was all I had!
Someones very cool belt buckle.
Taekwondo!!! She will kick your ass! haha:D

Had a blast at the theme party last night...I am a little hung over today but it was soooo worth it:D

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