fredag 14. mai 2010

A lot of random pictures

From a party a while and my sister <3 Topshop dress.
Another party...F21 dress, H&M belt.
Chilling at our Hotel room on South Beach with a Bud Light Lime...LOVE!
Hiding behind a frozen drink at a mexican restaurant...the drink was yum!!!
The tee cracked me I bought one for my sister.
A nice stack of $ to spend in Miami...
Rented bicycles when we went to Key times!
A fun sign...somewhere on the perfect island of Key West <3
Pretty natural beach called Bahia Hondas (or something)..the water was insane clear!!!
Me getting a painful tattoo on my ribs....and boy did it hurt!!!!
My girls at a fun party:D
at the same party...
Still goofing around at that party...

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