tirsdag 25. mai 2010

We´re not cool, we are free and we´re running with blood on our knees

I finally bought Wayfarers!!!!! I am so happy right now! Is it bad that things give me so much joy and happiness? Probably....but I don´t care...I´ve wanted Wayfarers for so long:D
Okay Mr. Summer I am officially ready for your arrival!
A store (kinda special one too) had 30% off all things today so I bought the three first books in the True Blood series! Exciting:D (Well actually my BF bought it for me <3)
I also found this 90s tee of Buffy the vampire slayer!!!! How cool is this???? What a fun tee to be the proud owner of:D haha....

My throat hurts today....hopefully I´m not getting sick. I´ll stock up on vitamins and hope for the best! In the meantime I´ll enjoy my new Ray Bans <3 Love them already dude!

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