onsdag 3. februar 2010

Love always

1.Better late than never is what I believe in when it somes to bag and shoes you want badly but cant get a hold of because you live in a town where nothing happens and fashion is non existing. So therefore I was overly enjoyed when my Jimmy Choo clutch arrived!
2. My beloved rings! They were all bought in a vintage shop in my town and they are all solid gold, love!
3. Again, better late than never..lol...my Emma Cook for Topshop shoes arrived the other day and they are so fabulously awesome! Can't wait to wear them...BUT the snow has to go before I take a step outside in them.
4. My coolest sweater (I think) I ever bought! Thanks to all the great vintage shop at ebay:D As far as I'm concerned, it does'nt get better than a Usa-flagg patterned cozy sweater. (Yes, huge fan right here)

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