fredag 16. juli 2010

Can you keep a secret?

Thrifted grey sweater. Love the comfyness of this one!
Some new cowboy boots from DinSko and a Miss Marc pouch/clutch thing.
You can never go wrong with an oversized striped thrifted sweater.
A thrifted DKNY vest thing with long length in front.
Plaid shirt with SHOULDER PADS (!) I mean what´s not to love about this?
Thrifted white tunic (the fabric was amazingly soft!)
Thrifted blazer/shirt with an ethnic-ish type print...LOVE!
Thrifted plaid high waisted skirt. Not sure about the length but I had to have it.
Thrifted striped Lacoste shirt which I can´t wait to wear.
Thrifted jewelry "box" thing and a book about fashion.

My secret is I am a shopping addict. Well I guess it´s not a secret anymore. Lol

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