onsdag 16. juni 2010

A/W 10 and then some from Acne

The shoes! You gotta love the shoes!!! I know I do:D
I am actually considering buying all these jackets!! So perfect for winter!
These pants are so cool, but way to expensive for me!! They are like $1150!! Insane...
I really like this print, and one day something with that print on will be mine!
A fun little key holder I want:D
I am so sick today...it started yesterday with being nauseated all day...I actually threw up(!) I NEVER throw up...:( Later on yesterday the fever got me...my fever is so high I´m hallucinating I think...plus I am soooo cold one minute and sweating like a pig the next...fun...But I had to blog a little just to pass time:D

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