lørdag 5. juni 2010

Shopping mania

Black shorts with studs (studs on one of the back pockets too!) from Carlings.
Sweater (it is soooooo incredibly soft!!) from Customized.
Bikini from H&M. Love the pattern on this baby.
Sweater from Carlings.
The most comfortable top/dress I have ever owned I think!! From Carlings.
The coolest jumpsuit ever!!! I love stars so I had to have it:D Can´t wait to break it in! From Carlings.
The cutest top with lace detailing on the back from Carlings.
Destroyed rib knit top from Carlings.
Such a fun dress with leopard pattern and black at the top...Love!! From Carlings.
Destroyed Levi´s 601 jeans made just for women!! From Carlings.

I´ve been shopping a lot at Carlings lately...I never knew they had so much cool stuff for girls! And I don´t think a lot of you know that! If you live in a country where Carlings is available, go check it out!
Unfortunately they don´t have a website you can buy stuff from...but they really should!!!

I am soooo tired after 9 hours at work today...plus my foot is all swollen from my new (<3) tattoo so it made walking a little bit of a challenge. First thing I did when I got home was to wash it clean and lotion it...don´t want it to get infected or ugly-looking!!

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