tirsdag 29. juni 2010


Rika stars tunic/shirt, Cheap Monday high waisted jeans, Gina Tricot belt.

Did some thrifting this weekend and this is what I ended up getting:
This is probably the ugliest blue leather skirt I have ever seen, but the second I put it on it was so friggin cool I had to get it! I think I will have it cut shorter to be more up to date though.
A nice white shirt with special details I have never seen anywhere before. (check out the neck and sleeves) Have to get it tailored too.
And while I was going through the clothes at Goodwill I stumbled upon this pink-ish blazer and when I looked at the tag it read Yves Saint Laurent!!! My heart skipped a beat I think. Again I need to get it tailored. I got it for like $8!!!!
And last I found a pair of blue Gant jeans (that actually fit me haha). Not that Gant is such a big of a deal but they looked good on so I figured I would get them anyways:D

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  1. Anyone need any graphic design or blog design hit me up rebekah.newby@gmail.com

  2. Thank you for the offer but I like the simplicity of my blog:D If I change my mind, I´ll hit you up for sure!