søndag 13. februar 2011

The weekend

Me and my galaxy leggings.
Two vintage choker necklaces.

 My twist on the 70s fashion.


 Thrifted jacket, Bik Bok jeans, AA sweater, Benetton bag, green converse, Gina Tricot belt.

 New in from eBay. Sheer tunic, lace detail cardigan, shearling vest.
 MAC eyeshadow.

 eBay cardigan, Bik Bok high waisted jeans, Vero Moda sweater.
 IT ARRIVED! Plastic clutch from Ordning & Reda.
 My new jewelry stand.
 Thrifted cardigan, Cubus denim shirt, Bik Bok old jeans.

Bik Bok coat with H&M waist belt.
Pretty pink flowers.

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