fredag 25. februar 2011

Hello lovers

 Fabulous AA large clutch my boyfriend gave me for Valentines<3 I love.
 Heavenly dress from Gestuz I got for my b-day.
 Fan-fucking-tastic coat I got for my b-day!!!!! From Zara. 
 Red tights on sale from H&M.
 Striped oversized tee from H&m´s mens section.
 Vintage wool jacket. Love the colors.
 Thrifted striped sweater.

 Fab plaid vintage high waisted skirt.
 Used to be Levi´s jeans, now, a skirt! DIY.
 Levi´s oversized shorts.
 Thrifted Guess bag. Gave me a nice 90s feel. Haha.
 Thrifted Perrti Palmroth plastic like boots.

 Vest from eBay, sweater from Kappahl, jeans from Carlings.

Green fab bag from eBay. 

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