søndag 18. april 2010

You don´t remember me, but I remember you.

Lets see...I´ll try to mention where all these items comes from: Black zebra boots Emma Cook for Topshop, Black shiny wedges SR pour H&M, Studded croc shoes JC for H&M, colorful cowboy ankle boots ebay, pink gloves, brown gloves and snake patterned gloves Grandma´s old, belt with white accents vintage, choker necklaces vintage, Dr Martens ebay, earrings River Island, DIY and F21, shell necklace and elephant necklace thrifted, small wallet Mango, rings from different places, all kinds of lipglosses, NY letters from ebay, books (twilight saga) Gardermoen airport, Key West bookstore, Newark airport and local bookstore, the chest the things are on my Grandfather made back in 1939 and I love it so much! Thank god my mom and dad did´nt have a place for it when they moved!

I finally changed my mannequins outfit...Houndstooth patterned dress vintage, belt gifted from Bianco, green "snakeskin" clutch H&M and shoes SR pour H&M. The dress is actually a blazer meant for ladies who is a couple of sizes bigger than me, but when I saw it at Goodwill I just had to have it. I saw so much potential it was just too precious to give up.

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