torsdag 1. april 2010

Don´t waste your time on me you´re already the voice inside my head

1 and 2. Striped sweater Topshop, wide jeans H&M, shoes Bianco, red lipstick Chanel.
3,4 and 5. Jeans leggings from some random shop, beige shirt thrifted (Donaldson), white racer back top Topshop, black DIY top Carlings (you can´t really see it), belt thrifted.

I had a really hard time figuring out which shoes to wear with the last outfit but I went with my Choo´s. Finally I have some days off due to the easter and all. The down thing is that everything and everyone is off too, so no stores or anything is open. But the internet always is! I am trying to find some good flea markets in my area but so far I haven´nt been able to find them. I guess I have to scope the net even further. I´m off to the gym (at least one thing to do!)

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