lørdag 4. september 2010

snap back to reality

Not too much has happened since I last blogged....except I´m going to AMSTERDAM in 18 days!!!! YAY!! visiting my best friend since I was 3, Christine, who lives there:D
Can hardly wait to see the city and all it has to offer and of course to see Christine!

Tonight I´m going to a reunion party with people from high school! Fun! Do you remember the times when this was popular?
I can´t believe I actually wanted these shoes! But they were happening and everybody had a pair..(fyi I never bought a pair)
Miss Sixty jeans...I think I owned 5 pair of these babies...with HUGE flare!
Britney Spears with Hit me baby one more time....
I actually cut my hair short, bought pants, hood and a top like this after obsessing about this video during my high school years...what was I thinking? lol..

The music we listened to:
Daze - superhero lover
Hit ´n´hide - space invaders
Run DMC - its like that
666 - alarma
666 - amokk
Vengaboys - boom boom boom boom
Eiffel 65 - blue (da ba dee)
ATB - 9pm till I come
2PAC - changes
Britney Spears - baby one more time
Christina Aguilera - genie in a bottle

I could go on forever...The 90s must have been the weirdest decade...it was weird/crazy for me at least!

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